Bag of Holding

Current owner : Rolan


A most wonderful item, this is a bag larger on the inside than on the outside. This magical sac
also reduces the apparent weight of the contents of the bag. Bag capacity, volume, weight, and apparent weight all vary by type-listed on the table below. Overloading the bag destroys both bag and contents, as does piercing the bag from either without or within. Turning a bag inside outempties all contents out onto the ground and the bag cannot be used again until it is turned back. A living creature can be placed into the bag but there is only enough air to sustain for 10 minutes, after which the creature will suffocate and die.

The extra-dimensional space of the bag of holding is incompatible with that of the portable hole. Placing a bag of holding into a portable hole will open a rift into the Astral Plane and suck both objects and their content into Astral space, lost forever. If a portable hole is placed into a bag of holding, a gate into the Astral Plane is opened, destroying both objects and pulling anyone standing within 10 ft into the Astral Plane.

The bag can hold 5 different items (in any decent quantity)

Current Owner : Rolan


Bag of Holding

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