A mount found in the new world.


The Gata is a large, docile lizzard. It usually walks on four legs, but his hind legs are larger than it’s forelegs. The Gata can, in times of danger, stand on it’s hind legs and run at an incredible speed. It’s scales are surprisingly soft and the creature can see at night, it’s usual colors are green, red, blue and black. The gata has two rows of soft theet used to eat fruits and plants, although it largely prefers fruits. A saddle can easily be place on the creature and even though a new rider might be surprised by it’s speed, handling it when it runs on it’s hindlegs isn’t too difficult.

It is said that the Gata may have been of draconic descent for the creature constantly creatres heath within itself, much like how a dragon produces fire, even though it can’t use it as a weapon. Some say it’s a way that the creature has found to adapt to the great winters of the new continent, hinting that the creature is old for it comes from a time where said winter didn’t exist.


These big, large lizards are actually very peaceful animals. When people first set foot on the new world, they found that these creatures could be easily be tamed. Soon, the Gata became a very prized animal amongst the colonals for it’s great strenght helped many farmers settle. What makes them so prized is that they are devilishly intelligent, making training quite easy. With time, the Gata started to be used as a mount and has now virtualy replaced horses on the new continent. Sometimes, you can see one of them on the old continent where they are praised as exotic treasures.


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