Age of the Imperium

Le Journal de Radrael

Entrée 1

To whom may find this journal, it chronicles various journeys and quests undertaken by myself and a few fellow adventurers. If you find this journal soon after our demise, I urge you to carry out our unfinished mission, or to find someone who will, for the success of said mission may save many lives.

I am Father Radrael, an orphan raised by the temple of Saint-Cuthbert to be a member of the Order of the Emaculate blade, a group of witch-hunters of sorts, dedicated to protecting civilization from various corrupting inflences, from dangerous spellcasters to demons and the cults surrounding them.

It began on the boat to the new world, to a small village by the name of Orlan, for which me and my companions had heard rumors of strange events, kidnappings and modification in the behaviour of some of the villagers, we opted to investigate and this is how our adventure began.

The Group
Sister Ayvlys, Neutral Evil Human Cleric of Nerull : Sometimes, the best way to deal with crazed heretics is to have one well controlled on your side. Sister Ayvlys proved invaluable, especially given her surprising willingness to help eventhough her dedication to the god of death and murder is unrivaled. She repeats to us that nothing brings quite has much death has a group of adventurers, thus, she earns her god’s favor by keeping our party alive. An interesting philosophy, one that I will not disagree with given her extraordinary skills has a healer.

Note : Ayvlys died in a goblin attack on May 23rd, year 525, Age of the Imperium, and made it clear that she did not desire resurection beforehand.

Rolan the Mountaineer, Neutral Good Human Ranger: A dirty bearded monstrosity, in my opinion. Useful, but dirty. Mister Rolan is one of those rangers. For a people reknown for their efficiency and survival instinct, it seems strange to me that this man is so unpractical at times. He is, though, a valuable ally if one can keep him away from decision-making, for his axe strikes true and I have never seen a man stay standing after enduring so much punishment as this one.

Father Ulphir Arkonnen, Chaotic Good Dwarf Cleric of Thor : Father Arkonnen is an interesting character indeed. He had fallen off our ship during a storm, prior to our arrival to Orlan and yet found his way, through superhuman swimming skills or sheer luck, to reach us yet again, a few days after our own arrival. Dwarven toughness is not to be underestimated. His devotion to his god seems strongly rivalled by his devotion to fine wine and craftsmanship, but I am told that it is a typically dwarf way of life. In any case, he is an invaluable healer to our party and stays docile when drunk.

Claerun, Chaotic Neutral elven fighter/mage : The elven spellswords are known to be terrifying opponents and although this one is frail and rather unreliable, he can be extremely useful if kept entertained. His spells have saved our lives a few times already and his swordplay is impressive, possibly better than my own.

Note : Claerun somehow saved our lives, single-handedly fending off 10 or so goblins after an abushed left the rest of us dead or unconscious. He must somehow be rewarded.

Leigh, Chaotic Good elven fighter/mage : A clumsy swordsman and a wizard, or so I hear, but I have yet to see him thrive. A silent man who quips during combat. Seems an ineficient strategy, yet I hear many soldiers smack-talk during battle, it is harmless. He follows orders.

Milo Welby-Took, Halfling fighter/thief : An extremely agile fighter, I find that we make quite a team. He seems adept at hiding and finding traps, maybe better trained in those skills than myself. I have seen this little creature almost single-handedly take down a juvenile ogre in a few seconds with a pair of daggers. An impressive feat, I would do well to stay on good terms with him.



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